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Welcome to TofuYu

The Tofu Yu Chefs in Berkeley, California make an assortment of delicious vegan, gluten-free tofu foods from fresh ingredients. Our chefs follow the ancient traditions of making tofu and spice it up with a unique assortment of flavors from both Eastern and Western cuisine. The result is a fanciful mix of taste sensations.

We call it tofusion.

Explore the variety of gourmet tofu we make. (The selection keeps growing.) Our tofu is available in markets and restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. And look for us at your local Farmer's Market.


Love your tofu, I just found you this weekend in Oakland. I came over from San Francisco to pick something up and bought your tofu balls. OMG how wonderful, come to San Francisco soon. We would love to see you in the City. Best of Luck.

--Viva Habbit Van Assen

The tofu was exceptional! I prepared the following with it: quinoa pilaf with sundried tomatos, mint, parsely, olives, tofu marianated in marsala wine, balsamic vinegar, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper that was then baked in the marinade (amazing dish!!) rappini sauteed with pine nuts and garlic and shallots."

--Philip Gelb Chef/Caterer

Hi! I was at the Concord Farmers' Market yesterday. I sampled one of your vegan meatballs and bought a pack. Tonight I made a delicious pasta dish with them...and Oh my God! They were the best!!!! My kids absolutely loved them too! Just wanted to let you know I'll be back for more!

--Kirsten Kirkpatrick

I picked up some Tofu Garlic pepper from El Cerrito Natural, and it made the best batch of vegetarian Thai Curry. It could very well be the tastiest tofu ever.

--Holly Webb

I have tried some of your tofu at the Farmers' Market near Lake Merritt on Saturdays. We really like the jalepeno tofu and were disappointed last Saturday because you were sold out. We have also enjoyed your tofutillas!



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